JIVAは、日本のエコロジーヘルスラボ社(EHL)とパートナーシップを結ぶことを光栄に思っています。EHLは、皆さんが活用できるように、Jiva Ayurveda Online Coursesを日本語に翻訳してくださいました。日本でご利用頂くために、原文の重要箇所が損なわれないように、大変なご配慮で翻訳に努めていただいております。最終的に、JIVAは本講座を及第点で完了された方には、修了証書を与えることをEHLの協力のもとで行います。JIVAは、このプロジェクトにご協力いただいたEHLに感謝します。


Dr. Partap Chauhan
Director, Jiva Ayurveda


The Jiva Ayurveda Online Courses have been developed by expert doctors at Jiva under my guidance to provide an in-depth perspective on Ayurvedic treatment methods that is relevant for both Ayurvedic practitioners as well as individuals who want to lead a healthier, more productive life. These include: the natural products retail employee, sales and marketing staff members of manufacturers, customer service representatives, distributors in multilevel marketing companies, and staff members in healthcare professional offices.
The program comprises six courses that are divided into two modules. These six courses are: Basics of Ayurveda, Ayurveda and Health, Ayurveda and Beauty, Ayurveda and Nutrition/Cooking, Ayurveda and Massage Treatment, and Ayurveda and Childcare.

Jiva and Jiva Japan are pleased to have partnered with Ecology Ecology Health Labo Co., Ltd. of Japan (EHL). EHL has translated the Jiva Ayurveda Online Courses into Japanese so that it could be made available to a new audience. They have taken great care to adapt these materials for use in Japan while keeping many of the important aspects of the course intact. Finally, Jiva collaborated with EHL to provide certificates that acknowledge successful completion of these courses. Jiva thanks EHL for its cooperation in this project.